Dungeon Design

2D Level Design for Tabletop Games

Apart from being an avid follower of anything related to Dungeon and Dragons, I also love creating my own custom dungeons. This started out as scribbling random shapes on paper, and ended up being fully fledged 2D level design for my role-playing parties, with enemy placements, traps, secrets and events.

In hindsight, this has also helped me a lot during my studies at university, since the continuous practice that making dungeons for my weekly games gives me allowed me to easily transfer my knowledge into university projects like creating a custom CTF map for unreal tournament.

Most, if not all of these have been created with certain parties in mind – usually the ones I was leading in the weekly sessions. The ones shown here are a series of maps – made on tiled paper for easy measurement during combat – that detail the parties decent through abandoned mines into a underground tower inhabited by evil entities.

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