Roll-Play is a simple monster slaying game revolving around the use of dice. It is designed to be extremely tactile, needing a lot of dice and barely anything that needs writing down. 

Fight against hordes of monsters like the faceless, incorporating noble heroes or tricky adventurers. Gain trinkets and power, and slay them all!

1-2 players. 5-20 minutes playing time.

For a free copy, please contact me with the contact form.

As a side project during my university work, during the corona time, I decided to make a simple card & dice game. I wanted something that was easy to pick up, playable for one or two people and didn’t require much more than I already had at home, a few dice and a set of cards.

The idea is quite simple: The player has a piece of paper with indicators where their dice should go, and a deck of cards, which are the monsters they will fight. Each round, they draw a card, use the dice they have available, and gain equipment and experience, until they eventually die.

All of the rules are free to check out, as well as the base monster sets – but I have two additional sets of monsters with new equipment, mechanics and themes that I worked very hard on, and can be considered a way of supporting me.