Sunset Overdrive – The Cardgame

Concept Designer

September – October 2018

Insomniac Games’ “Sunset Overdrive”, reimagined as a cardgame.

In the first two months of being at Breda University of Applied Sciences, our project brief was to take an existing game and re-imagine it as a tabletop game.

The finished pitch presentation is linked here.
The full process of creating the game concept is linked here.

Effectively, we had to concept, prepare and pitch a game idea, sell it to our teachers and make sure that it was feasible, viable and desirable enough to possibly move it forward.

What I came up with – starting out with the hectic and fast paced action-adventure shooter Sunset Overdrive – was a single-player cardgame akin to solitaire. The player draws danger cards, and plays cards from his hand to overcome those cards. Combining cards allows to overcome higher cards, rewarding tactical play and combos, and defeating or overcoming danger plays into the win condition of having a score of 10 danger cards. More detailed rules can be seen in the presentation linked below.

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